Sean P. Spoto was born in 1974 in Tampa Florida. He attended the University of Central Florida and graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Arts concentrating in painting.  He first noticed his attraction to the arts around four years old as he watched his Aunt Sandra Polo paint for hours as the other kids played pool side. After graduating from college his love for the ocean led him to Southern California were he was employed by Lost Surfboards. This unique employment opportunity gave him a passage to express his creativity on surfboards and T-shirt designs. During this time, he was also featured as an up-and-coming artist on Blue Torch TV. Some of the Art Happenings (paintings) were performed for Ron Jons and Lost Surfboards in Spain, France, Brazil, and Hawaii.  Murals were also produced for Fly Bar, Ceviche in St. Petersburg, Chancletas Hotel in Nicaragua, Habitat for Humanities house raising event, and many children’s’ murals.  Major accomplishments include the many publications of art works in magazines and newspapers.  After six years of production art, these are some of his first paintings representing his initial venture from commercial art and reflect more of his individual style.  Mixed media is chosen for the different affects it has and bold colors are used to convey emotion. Dali, Escher, Paul Rueben and many others can be recognized for much of Sean’s inspiration.  He possesses a love for the technicality of painting but abstracting images is his real passion. As a painter he feels obligated to continue to push and perfect his own techniques. Today his work is being exhibited in Fly Bar and Restaurant, Circles, Ceviche, and in many residents’ homes.       


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